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We talk a lot about adventuring in our house. Big, grand adventures — like our 5 month trek to Europe happening in late 2014/early 2015. But, sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to adventure HUGE that we miss out on the tiny adventures found wherever/whenever we choose to create one. It’s no secret raising a happy, loving family takes a lot of work.

One of the keys we’ve found is to make sure we’re happy, as a couple. If we’re not happy, we can’t possibly put in the intentional effort it takes to keep the kids happy. So we make it a point to adventure together, without the kids every now and then.

A story. Last September, Jenny + I found ourselves in Southern California without the kids for a few days. I was in town for a conference, and was in charge of picking up some of the equipment. 3 stops, all over from Anaheim, to downtown LA, to Santa Monica, meet-ups spread out over a whole day. Jenny was a bit bummed at first, it was the only free day we had to spend together, the last thing she wanted to do was spend it running all over town. So, we decided to make it an adventure. In one day we…

  • Ran through the J. Paul Getty Museum in under an hour (it costs $15 to park (!) but the first hour is free…and we’re super cheap!). I should also mention the building I really wanted to see was the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but alas, I got the 2 mixed up. We had a blast anyway… it’s a beautiful building!
  • We parked on the PCH in Santa Monica and raced through the warm sand to splash each other in the waves (it’s no secret the ocean is one of my happy places).
  • I’d always wanted to carve our name in a tree, so I found one right by the true start (or end, depending on your perspective) of Route 66 and crossed that item off the bucket list. The Route 66 connection was the key for this, because a few years ago, we drove the entire Route 66 with our kiddos.
  • We laid in the grass for a bit, staring up into the blue sky, dreaming of what life holds for us.
  • We ate at the best pizza joint ever. I had the BBQ chicken with pineapple.

Here’s where the lesson comes in. We could’ve chosen to be grumpy about the circumstances. Running all over LA, fighting traffic for a day, or we could choose to make the most of it. We were intentionally looking for adventure.

When you make your decisions intentional, magic happens. We shifted our perspective and had one of the best days in recent memory. It’s important to have days like we shared in California, days to refresh, relax, recharge a bit, so you can give your kids the love/attention they deserve.

Check out our Intentional Parenting course if you’re interested in learning more about being intentional about raising a happy, loving family.

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