Swaddling Benefit and Risk for Baby

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Swaddling Benefit and Risk for Baby

Swaddling is one of baby clothing piece. It is put on after the clothing, and it is usually worn by zero to two years old baby.


The swaddling is indeed important to make sure that your baby is warm enough, and also give him a sense of security and soothing since the swaddling looks a lot like the womb. However, there is still the best way to make the swaddling.

To wrap your baby in swaddling, take a blanket and fold one corner of it. Put in on the bed, and lay your baby on it. Take one side of the blanket and then fold it to your baby’s back. And then, take the bottom side of the blanket and put it on your baby’s feet. And the last, take the remaining side of the blanket and wrap it around your baby.

There are several simple requirements for swaddling a baby. First, make sure that it is not too tight to reduce the risk of suffocating. It is also useful to reduce the risk of hips abnormal development. You should also make sure that the wrap is neat and do not leave any messy cloth since it could get onto his face, and he could be suffocating because of it.

Although the swaddling is beneficial for the bay, it could also cause harm. Since the swaddling will make your baby sleep more soundly, there is the risk of suffocating since your baby response will be slower because his sleep is too comfortable. The baby will also difficult wake; therefore, it is quite troublesome when you are going to feed him in the middle of the night.

Not only the swaddling, you should also have a proper arrangement for your baby sleeping condition. First, make sure that the bed is secure from a hard stuff such as toys. And then, make sure that your baby is not going to fall of the bed when he rolls over. You also need to make sure that the temperature is suitable because it will be dangerous if your baby suffer from over cold or overheating. As for the best position of sleeping, it is best to put him sleep on his back because the breathing process will be easier. In addition, it is best not to put him on your bed because he could get the stroke by you when you are moving in your sleep, and that is what a baby crib for. For the baby’s crib, make sure that it is placed in a good temperature room and make sure that it is not damp. Also, make sure that the room is always free from smoke. In addition, for the perfection, monitor your baby regularly.

Although swaddling is indeed useful, it is still part of baby’s care program. Therefore, you still need to learn how to do it properly especially if you are a first time mother. To learn about this swaddling technique and how to make sure a healthy sleeping condition for your baby, you can always ask the expertise or learn it from the day care since they usually have training for this stuff.

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