Solving the Jaundice with Breast Feeding

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Solving the Jaundice with Breast Feeding

When you has a newborn to take care of, you must be aware of every single change that he makes. For example, if your baby has developed a yellowish skin and eyes, beware that it could be a jaundice.


It is produced from the excessive bilirubin which is usually produced by the baby body. The bilirubin will be proceeding by the liver to be taken out from the stool. However, when his liver cannot handle the amount of bilirubin, that is when the jaundice can occur. Usually, the jaundice will take two weeks to cure though, in many special cases, it may take longer.

Naturally, breast feeding can help the expulsion of bilirubin. That is why a baby with no breast feeding time has the bigger risk in suffering the jaundice. Although, if your baby is already had the jaundice, do not worry because continuing the breastfeeding can actually help to cure it faster. So, you should not just stop the breast feeding because it will only make the curing process slower than it should be. From this information, we know that jaundice can be treated naturally though in many cases it still needs an especially light treatment from the hospital.

However, in many special cases, doctors can sometimes advising you stop the breast feeding temporary until the jaundice is cured. This should be followed indeed, but you need to make sure that you make much preparation. For example, you need to make sure that your baby will get the substitution supplement since he will not receive the breast milk for awhile. The further formula usually suggested by the doctor so you should not be worry. You also need to regularly pump your breast milk to prevent any clog, therefore; you will be able to start the breastfeeding normally when the time is come.

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