Sleep Apnea Condition and the Treatmen

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Sleep Apnea Condition and the Treatmen

There are many kinds of sleeping disturbance for a baby. One of the most common problems is the sleep apnea. It is happening to many babies. However, it is actually quite disturbing as well as worrisome.


The sleep apnea is a condition where your baby is dealing with difficulty breathing or even pause in his breathing. This is usually comes with another symptom:

  • Snoring
  • sleepiness that happen during day
  • trouble breathing at night
  • difficulty to pay attention
  • Behavioral problems.

The sleep apnea is happening because of several reasons. In most cases, the baby who suffers from sleep apnea is large size of tonsils and adenoids. This kind of condition can make sleep apnea become easier to happen. Furthermore, the sleep apnea is also often happen to the baby who suffers from several neuron problem or other special conditions such as down syndrome, craniofacial, and cerebral palsy. This kind of condition is one of the biggest factors of sleep apnea in baby.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

To treat the sleep apnea, there are several ways that you can do. The first way is to get rid of the tonsils or the adenoids through surgery. In most cases, baby who had this treatment shows significant decreased of the sleep apnea symptoms. Another treatment can be done with monitoring the apnea condition. If you went to the hospital, they have the special apnea monitor, which will show your baby’s condition of respiration, heart beat, and brain works, which are some of the things that involved in the apnea condition. With this monitoring device, the doctor will know what to do and they can trace the problem right from the source. In addition, the sleep apnea can also be overcome by giving the baby respiration assistance device. The baby will be wearing a mask that gives oxygen flow right to his respiratory system. Therefore, he will have an easier time to catch his breath.


If the apnea is getting worse, it can result in deprivation of sleep that will lead to many other kind of problems, including insufficient body and brain development. Because indeed, most of the efficient development of body and brain of the baby is happen during his sleep. Therefore, as parents, you should have careful awareness of the symptoms so you will be able to handle it before it is getting too severe.

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