Simple Steps towards Natural Parenting

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Simple Steps towards Natural Parenting

I am always trying to find more ways my family can help the environment while not breaking the bank.


We already use cloth grocery bags, bike practically everywhere around town, and try to buy the dirty dozen organic produce—basically taking small steps to live a healthier and greener life. Well, my friends, here are three more environmentally-conscious goals I have been working towards on my journey of natural parenting.

  1. Plant an herb garden on the window sill (I am tired of buying herbs in plastic containers)
  2. BYO…mug on my next Starbucks run (You also save 10 cents off your coffee when you do this!)
  3. Use more natural skin and hair care products. My favorite so far is Yes To, which is sold at Target and even has a baby line.

There was a time when our family tried ditching shampoo completely and just used baking soda and apple cider vinegar, but it was short lived. It was a tad too hippie for me, I suppose. Yet I wanted something that was free of phthalates and parabens, ingredients suspected to cause reproductive issues in both men and women. It’s just not worth the gamble to me. And yes too came to the rescue.

The Yes To Cucumbers is my shampoo in shining armor. It is 99% natural and free of all the harsh chemicals that scare me. It also smells great and creates the perfect suds. Our whole family uses it, including my 3 and 4 year olds. I also use the Yes To lipgloss and face moisturizer with built in SPF if I am out in the sun for a longtime. And when my 3 year-old gets in my purse to wear my lip gloss, I don’t have to worry about chemicals she could ingest as she licks her tiny glossy lips.

Yes, using all natural beauty products may seem like a small step towards a healthier life. So small, you might wonder if it is worth it. I hear you, because I have gone back and forth (usually depending on how tight our budget is each month.)

After months of using these products (and loving the results), I absolutely think it is worth it. I have hope in a world where carrots are washed because of the dirt on them, not the 26 pesticides they have been sprayed with. It’s just not right how things are. So, small steps they may seem, but it’s in the right direction and that is perfectly okay with me.

How about you— what steps have you recently taken towards natural parenting? Have any favorite products? I love hearing other people’s stories— they usually inspire me to do it as well. So please share!

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