Sign of Sufficient Amount of Breast Feeding

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Sign of Sufficient Amount of Breast Feeding

The breast-feeding period is the time when your baby receives the needed food for his first period of growth. It is highly important and should be highly maintained as well as possible.


It is also giving him a meal that he need to anticipate hunger that is usually shown by many behavioral signal such as smacking lips, looking alert, entering the fists to his mouth, or nuzzling to your breast. If your baby shows these signs, it is better to feed him right away before he starts to cry. However, even before he shows the signal, it is best that you have the regular program of breast feeding time.

If your baby have his regular breast feeding, it is not entirely sure that he also received the proper amount. The enough breast milk shows by many simple sign. For example, you will find that your baby has wetted the diapers regularly. For newly born baby, he will need many diapers a day. This number will be increasing after the first week. Not only the wet diapers, the stool it produces is also shown that he has sufficient amount of breast milk. The more age that he has, the stool will turn into yellow color.

The sufficient amount of breast milk is also shown by the weight gain that the baby had. Although the first week the baby usually has weight loss, the next time should be filled with weight gain. The weight gain usually reaches half an ounce up to an ounce every day. This is marking the proper amount of consumption that the baby received.

The feeding pattern of the baby also needs to be watched in order to make sure your baby have enough breast milk. If he manages to get his milk until he finish sucking on his own, it would make a good sign. Besides, the latching position is also important because it will also determine if he gets the best flow of breast milk.

The last sign should definitely be the satisfactory feeling that the baby shows. Every time he finishes his breast feeding; he will look satisfied and full. This is a good sign because it means he receives the proper amount of milk. Nevertheless, the baby will need another round of breast feeding in a couple of hours so that it is important to have a regular schedule to maintain the needs fulfillment of your baby.

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