Re-Use Plastic Eggs to Make Cool Musical Sound Shakers

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Re-Use Plastic Eggs to Make Cool Musical Sound Shakers

Make musical sound shakers and enhance listening skills with this cool easter egg activity. You get to re-use your plastic eggs and recycle your egg cartons with one awesome easter craft. I pinky promise this activity is quick and easy.


We had so much fun making our own egg shakers with different sounds. Zoe was super excited to share her egg sound set with her preschool; she also brought it along for an afternoon playdate. The kids love to play with these sound shakers. So, now it’s your turn to make this easy and fun sensory activity for your kids!

Supplies for Plastic Easter Egg Sound Set:

  • 1 recycled egg carton
  • 12 plastic easter eggs
  • 6 different items for sounds

We used: sea salt, steel cut oatmeal, paper clips, almonds, google eyes, beads
Other options: marble, ping pong ball, beans, rice, coins, jingle bells, buttons, mini pasta, confetti, glitter

How to Make Musical Sound Shakers

  1. Hunt and gather 6 different items around your house. Include your child in this hunt– they will enjoy searching and suggesting ideas.
  2. Open plastic eggs and place bottom halves in the egg carton.
  3. Fill the eggs. Each egg should have a matching pair with the same item inside (there should be 2 eggs with sea salt, 2 eggs with paper clips, 2 eggs with beads, etc). For an independent learning activity, you can place the 6 items in 6 bowls so your child can fill the eggs on their own.
  4. Put the tops on each egg bottom. Now you have 12 whole eggs in your egg carton.
  5. Demonstrate the sound matching activity to your child. Shake, listen, match. You can say, “May I show you how we play?” Pick up an egg and shake it. Pick up another egg in your opposite hand and shake it. If the sounds don’t match, pick up another egg until you find the egg with the matching sound. Now ask your child. “Would you like a turn?”

*For a bonus art activity, let your child paint and decorate their egg carton. Your child will love this!

I stumbled upon this Montessori-inspired sound matching activity over on Living Montessori Now. This egg sound set is an Easter-inspired DIY version of the Sound Cylinders where the child must find the matching sound pairs by listening and then grade the boxes from the loudest to the softest. We keep it simple with just matching the sounds, but arranging from loudest to softest is a great extension activity.

Not only is this project a fun sensorial activity, but it’s great for early musical ear training. And this project will be played with way beyond Easter activities.

Let me know if you decide to re-use your plastic easter eggs and egg cartons with these sound shakers. Post a photo or a video of your egg sound shakers on our Facebook Wall. And please share in the comments below what you decide to put in your eggs. If it’s not in the list above, I will add it. I love seeing how creative we can get!

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