Pros and Cons of Toddler Breastfeeding

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Pros and Cons of Toddler Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding after the child birth is indeed essential. It provides your baby sufficient amount of food.


It also gives him a good immunity to prevent any disease. Therefore, breastfeeding for as long as possible is indeed advisory since it provides more food for the baby. Some mothers even give the breastfeeding until the baby is one year old, which is all right because it gives him best food consumption. However, scientifically said that the food is indeed no longer significant. Because, the baby itself begin to have additional solid food from where he gets his food.

Not only that it is no longer significant, the culture of the society also often have contra opinion about breastfeeding after the baby is a toddler. It is mainly derived from the opinion about what the kids is becoming. There is a consideration that the toddler may become spoil since they will still be too close with their mother. It is also considered if the toddler is to become too dependable to their mother and will be avoiding society in general.

Nevertheless, pros opinion also supporting this decision. Because frankly, the toddler breastfeeding is proven to give the child more security sense as well as comfort. It also provides the child more bonds with the mother. It is functional since the baby will have more confidence and more mature progress.

In the end, weather you are going to stop breastfeeding your child at the age of one or you are going to have him keep feeder is purely your own decision. Do not let anyone get involved, because this is your especially bond with your child. This is a mother rights and exclusiveness. Therefore, have your own wise attention to make sure your kid gets the best of you.

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