Playroom Inspiration

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Playroom Inspiration

With colder, windier and harsher weather upon us, it’s time to find ways to bring the playground indoors.


As tempting as it is to put on a movie for kids to pass the afternoon rut, why not try creating a space in your home just for them to entertain themselves? It can be their exploration area— a place where creativity and inspiration flow. Here are a few ideas that rocked our world.

Adventure Seekers: Tired of the wasted closet space? Why not ditch the storage space all together and create a super fun play area complete with a ladder. It’s like an indoor tree house — minus the bugs, leaves and spider webs. You could even add curtains to the top so they can close it off and use it as a stage for performances. Now that is hours of quality entertainment.

Reading Nook: Designate an area that has little foot traffic as the reading corner. Make some fun rain gutter bookshelves (yes, I am serious), add a plush rug and throw down some bean bag, blankets and favorite stuffed animals for the kids to cuddle up with. Here’s to literacy!

Imagination Station: Allow your children’s imagination go wild in this playroom. Props such as the simple teepee to the wooden ride-on truck allow children to create their own world for the afternoon. I also love the little table in the background— it’s perfect for crafts or afternoon tea time.

Why not? If you have a house large enough for a swing, by all means do it! And please invite my family over for a weekly dinner so we can all take turns on it.

Costume Corner: Create a space within any room for dress up. Make sure you have a mirror just the right size for your little one to see their “new identity”. My talented husband made this costume hanger out of an old wood door and PVC pipe.

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