Rock Your Socks off This Season

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For those who have seen an abundance of TOMS shoes hitting the pavement, there is a very good reason why— these shoes rock your socks off, literally. If you are a Converse lover and attempted the no-sock approach, your heels are sore by the end of the day. After wearing my TOMS since my birthday in May, my heels are doing cartwheels for me while they rest in the comfort of a pretty flawless pair of TOMS shoes. My pair of pink Converse have sat on the shoe shelf waiting for the day I’m ready to wear socks again.

I am normally not a fan of wearing items that everyone else is wearing— I prefer vintage and boutique shops. Yet these shoes carry a different weight. TOMS philosophy is 1:1 giving.  Meaning: you buy a pair, and they give away a pair to a child in need. So, all of those people wearing TOMS shoes are philanthropist by default. Instead of being upset when I run into someone with an identical pair of shoes, I want to hug them because we are a part of something bigger than our fashion identity.

This only makes me more convinced that our children should be a part of this super-comfy shoe revolution. TOMS shoes are definitely a wishlist item for everyone in my family. I highly recommend going bold with your first pair of TOMS selection (sparkles anyone?!). And I say first because when I looked at reviews, people tend to buy these shoes over and over again.

So, be a little daring and become a conscious shopper this holiday season by giving to yourself and giving to a child in need. Let’s give them a chance to walk in our shoes.

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