How Whimsy Can Turn Your Day Around

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You know those days when you pick up the kids from school and EVERYONE is GRUMPY (they’re REALLY grumpy) and you feel like you’re going to lose your mind? Yesterday was one of those days for us. The ride home from school was not pleasant. Yelling, fighting, kicking each others seats, kicking the dog, throwing things. Oi!

When faced with situations like this, one has a few different options. You can succumb to the stressful situations and lose your cool, adding to the noise and making everything worse, or you can find a clever way to surprise them and turn their day around. I sent my wife a text saying the kiddos are GRUMPY! and we needed to figure out how to cheer ‘em up.

My wife, the genius that she is, quickly ran to our stockpile of dollar store water guns, filled up 5, left 3 (one for each kid) on the top of the steps (we live in a split level house). She patiently waited for them to walk in the door and blasted ‘em! Max and Ava ran up stairs to escape, saw the guns on the top of the steps ready to go, grabbed ‘em and joined in on the fun. Lia, our little spitfire, decided she wanted to be mad for a few extra minutes, but then she decided to have a blast as well. We proceeded to blast each other with water guns for the next 10-15 minutes, laughing, running, and turning what could’ve been a terrible night into the start of a wonderful evening together.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, I would NEVER have a water gun fight inside the house! And, that’s ok, indoor water gun fights are most definitely not for everyone. The point of this post is to think about fun ways you can turn a day around. Silly string? Have an art project ready to go? Talk to each other only with walkie-talkies? Dance party? Jenny and I could’ve made the decision to be grumpy with them, accept that the evening was lost and go from there, or we could send them into a state of wonder, joy and whimsy by surprising them with an indoor water gun fight.

What are some ways you have or can bring a sense of whimsy to your kiddos when they’re having a rough day?

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