30 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Summer Fun!

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Summer is here! I am inspired by The Happy Family Movement to create and display our summer bucket list in our home. This way our summer fun ideas are staring us right in the face all summer long. My list was a lot longer, but I decided to trim it down to make sure we have to time to slow down, be still and just unplug from being busy.

I used a dry erase marker and wrote on our stand alone repurposed mirror in our living room. My daughter loves looking at it and adding her own ideas: Disneyland, Beach, Zoo, Surprise Party, Camping.

  1. Get ice cream
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Geocache
  4. Water balloon fun
  5. Attend a local library event
  6. Breakfast for dinner
  7. Picnic dinner at the park
  8. Family bike ride
  9. Morning snuggles and story time
  10. Night walk with flashlights and star gazing
  11. Build a sand castle at the beach
  12. Beach bonfire and s’mores
  13. Build a fort for Family Movie Night
  14. Go to an outdoor concert in the park
  15. Make a cake from scratch and celebrate an un-birthday
  16. Have a pajama dance party before bed
  17. Go on a hike and picnic
  18. Attend a local library event
  19. Hunt for bugs on a nature walk
  20. Road trip to a new town
  21. Wash the cars
  22. Visit a local CSA farm
  23. Have a living room sleepover
  24. Make playdough
  25. Blow bubbles on the Golden Gate Bridge
  26. Outdoor messy art play (sidewalk chalk, shaving cream, finger paint)
  27. Host a tea party
  28. Visit local Farmer’s Market
  29. Visit a new playground
  30. Paint a cardboard box

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