Painting with Produce

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Painting with Produce

Using new and different materials in art gets my children excited to create! I added some fruits and veggies to the paint table to let them explore with different shapes, colors and textures.


It not only amazed my children as they discovered with this new painting technique, but it amazed me to see what their little eyes discovered. Yes, we all know about the apple and the star, but did you know that the top of a zucchini also makes a star? I know, so obvious…right? But, when I cut the zucchini I imagined them to make circles with the cut side. Children’s minds are so beautiful and open to seeing beauty everywhere they look and I absolutely love it.

We used a lot of produce tops so we were not wasting much, but we did use some whole veggies and fruit and I must admit this is in no way wasting in my mind. They are getting every little bit out of this healthy goodness for their mind and soul. I encourage everyone young and old to spend an afternoon painting with produce. Appreciating the beautiful print of a painted blackberry rolled across a sheet of paper. It’s something I would not have looked twice at until my five-year old pointed it out to me.

All you need for this is any fruit and veggies you have on hand and some paint! It’s that easy and oh so fun! My children loved this activity and they seemed to eat really healthy afterwards…. maybe it got in their head. What I took from this was much more. I soaked up all this color and beauty in things that I take for granted on most days. I love when a child can open my eyes to the natural earth made art all around us. It’s simple and joyful and on this day it fed my soul for quite some time.

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