Pacifiers and Baby Needs

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Pacifiers and Baby Needs

Babies are born with the need to suck. Suck helping them to get food and drink. However, introduce a pacifier to infants can because some problems. Hence, present the pacifier on the baby correctly and it can reduce the potential of baby’s addition to pacifiers.


Make sure that the phase of breastfeeding has been going well before offering pacifiers to babies. If the mother has found the right rhythm in breastfeeding, pacifiers can be offered. If managed correctly, the pacifiers can provide several benefits. Baby pacifier can avoid the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If the pacifiers are given at nap time or bedtime, this syndrome risks can be reduced. Do not use pacifiers to delay meal times because the pacifiers should only be given when the baby is not hungry. Do not tie pacifier in the baby. The important thing is do not force the baby to receive the pacifier if they do not want it. Sometimes, the baby would cry if the pacifier falls during sleep. Mother had to get up to get a pacifier if the baby has not been able to pick it up themselves.

Remember, use a pacifier correctly. It can reduce the risk of baby’s addiction. Baby will only use a pacifier when they need it. Besides introducing pacifiers to babies in the proper way, the mother must also consider the pacifier when bought.

There is a wide range of pacifier sizes and various types of nipples. Buy a few pacifiers until you find the type that best fits your baby. Look for the right size. Do not let the baby enter the entire pacifier to their mouth. This would be harmful to the baby. Make sure the dot can be washed with a dishwasher. Remove water from the nipple with clean hands. Boil the bottle to make it sterile from germs. Regularly clean the baby’s pacifier. After that baby’s first semester, the mother can wash it with soap. Buy some pacifier to anticipate when one pacifier is dropped or lost.

Do not use baby bottle nipple because it would be dangerous. On some brand, note the expiration date. Do not let the baby suck pacifier that has expired. Most importantly, read the manual and do what is suggested.

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