Normal Sleeping Pattern for Baby

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Normal Sleeping Pattern for Baby

When they were first born, babies are helpless and powerless. They will need us to take care of them because he will spend most of his day to sleep.


This activity is indeed one of the biggest parts of a baby’s life. Especially, because, with sleeping, they have chance and time to develop their body and brain. Therefore, it is a good thing if your baby spends most of his days sleeping. Nevertheless, there are several common pattern of baby’ sleeping condition.

  • Daily Sleep. For a new born, they usually sleep around sixteen hours a day. It is quite a long time to sleep, but it is completely normal. Because, they still have fragile organ system and they still in adapting stage of life. The sixteen hours sleep times will gradually decrease by the time the baby is six months old. In most cases, the sleeping will be fourteen hours a day. In addition, when he reaches the age of one year, he will start to develop sleeping time under fourteen hours a day. So these numbers will gradually decrease as the years goes by until he is ready to have adult sleeping time.
  • Nap. The large amount of sleeping time is indeed normal for a baby. However, make sure that you can keep a regular feeding time because it is as important as the sleeping time. Therefore, do not hesitate to wake your baby up if it is the time for him to have a meal. Nevertheless, it is very common that your baby is having the nap time more than an adults. Because, he will need it, therefore, you should aware of the nap schedule that are usually happen three times a day.
  • Night Versus Day. Fourteen or sixteen hours of sleeping sounds quite terrifying indeed. However, do not be afraid, because this total hour is actually scattered throughout the day. The baby will wake up every once in a while, and that is when you have the time to feed him. This spread of sleeping hours is also occurring during the night. Therefore, when the baby is still new born, parents may experience the same calling during night and day. However, this will gradually change by the time the baby is one month old. Baby will develop tendencies of sleeping more in one period. It could be at night so it can make it easier for you since he will have a similar pattern of sleep while it can also be at day so you might go to experience more waking up in the middle of the night.

However, by the time your baby is three months old, in many cases; they will have a night sleeping pattern. Therefore, it will start to match well with your own sleeping pattern. In addition, this habit and pattern will develop throughout the year, until your baby is ready for mature sleeping pattern. If your baby is experiencing the normal pattern of sleeping, you do not have anything to worry about.

However, you should be cautious if your baby is experiencing the lack of sleeping. Because, it could cost him his advance development of brain and body. Because, the best time to grow is indeed when he is sleeping. Therefore, consulting with your doctor is necessary if you find that your baby is experiencing a lack of sleeping.

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