Neonatologist Supporting Team on NICU

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Neonatologist Supporting Team on NICU

Each NICU will have support staff running the service. They play a role not only in the medical condition but also on non-medical condition. As a parent, you need to know this, so you are not confused to ask for help. In some hospitals do have it in full, but not infrequently there is only a few staff are provided.


Respiratory Therapist

Responsible for dealing with your child’s breathing problems, they will always keep an eye on your child’s respiratory condition. They also have a role to monitor oxygen levels in the blood are always in the normal level.


They will assess your child’s condition and monitor nutritional needs. Some will also make the menu sec for your baby and provide additional intake for the infant’s nutritional deficiencies.

Lactation Specialist

Both mother and baby will not be separated from breastfeeding. They will help monitor breastfeeding infant growth and development in order to maximize long as it takes. Breastfeeding is the main weapon, and they will seek the maximum breastfeeding.

Infant Developmental Specialist

They are given by the NICU’s private training to specifically observe the baby’s development in detail. Infant development is necessary so that the data in detail this particular staff would be responsible for some of the baby only.

Pediatric/Family Clinical Psychologist

Some people need them to arouse and maintain psychological condition both babies and parents. They would build amid closeness condition limitations infants and the parents.
Social Worker.

They work more generally with providing financial consulting services, transportation and lodging, as well as some recommendations for the public service in the hospital area.
Parent Educator. They are usually a nurse. They will explain the schedule as well as your baby’s care will do. They help parents understand and adjust to the circumstances of the treatment are done in the NICU.


They are responsible for the management and administration of a dose of medication on your baby.


In the newborn baby, they will introduce the baby to the nipple for breastfeeding. In addition, they will stimulate baby’s physical condition and oversee the development and deterioration of the physical system.

Case Manager/Discharge Planner

The hospital knows that they have to understand the diverse needs, one of them to move your baby to the NICU best installation, or move it to the NICU closest to your home. It all needs to be discussed and discussed with them in a professional manner.

Medical Students/Nursing Students

They work in practice to collect their thoughts. A little more they can help you in understanding the care in the NICU.


Some people need spiritual support, and they are provided to give. However, not all religions are presented, only a few hospitals have a special relationship to some religious organization that will be able to help you.

Research Investigators

Some hospitals need them to improve services by conducting research on the methods given in the case of infants. They provide periodic reports and discussion will be made accountable to the medical for hospital management and medical forums. This is important for the development of medical methods in the NICU.

Parent-to-Parent Providers

Most of them are parents who are familiar with the NICU. They will help you to get through hard times in the NICU, hold discussions and share experiences together. This closeness needed some motivation to build together.

Unit Clerk

They handle administrative work. Parents do deal with them with some files and procedures.
Financial Counselor
Some parents would have a problem with the hospital bills, as well as their health allowances. This position will help you find the best solution to ensure continuity of care in the NICU.

Simulation Center Staff

Some medical staff requires simulation before actually assign medical methods to patients in the NICU. Especially to handling baby conditions, the room simulation is where they will be trained to handle emergencies of your baby.

Still More People

Some parts of supporters also help in this regard. As part of a hospital that is responsible for the installation of the blood, X-Ray officers, parts of microbes and viruses and many more parts of the hospital that will help develop the work in the NICU. Everything you have to understand because sometimes medical situations requiring layered procedure and requires a lot of supporting staffs.

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