Neonatologist Primary Integrated Team on NICU

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Neonatologist Primary Integrated Team on NICU

You definitely do not ever think the existence of a special team stationed in the ICU specifically address emergencies in infants for 24 hours in a day. This is a team that will provide emergency care to babies who suffer from health problems and needs medical care in the NICU.


All about Neonatologist

Neonatologist may be new to you, but you need to understand that they specialize in caring for the baby’s condition. Their task is doing specific treatment to the newborn, and having more than the handling of general practitioners. Neonatologists will dominate your baby’s care in the hospital. Neonatologist medical capabilities make them have a special place called the NICU.

The division of labor will be different from the NICU neonatologists one another. Sometimes neonatologists have to watch the full 24 hours in the NICU, or just watch the regular nursery. All you need to know is all neonatologists have been trained and accredited by both to handle various medical conditions your baby. The neonatologist in the NICU responsible for deciding medical care must be taken to care for the baby’s condition to overall stable condition. Neonatologist also is responsible on a daily treatment plan that will be provided in the NICU for 24 hours.

Neonatologists would probably only provide supervision to doctors and other medical personnel in the team. It commonly happens in the NICU that has limited amount of Neonatologist. However, under their supervision, the important thing is the best decision on the handling of your child’s condition. The whole system is in the NICU should be able to work under integrated supervision of the main Neonatologist. Your baby will be under their supervision at all times.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Advanced practice registered nurse or APRN has the basic ability to cope with the condition of the baby is placed with NICU care procedures. They already have the capability to handle medical conditions in infants and take emergency action respirator installation, intubation, emergency CPR and other emergency procedures that are specific to the condition of the baby. They could just as well on a regular 24-hour team. APRN has a degree and specific abilities, even in some countries have APRN license to prescribe drugs.

Neonatal Physician Assistant

Neonatal physician assistant (NPA) is works under the supervision of neonatologists. They have tested and licensed by the state in dealing with the state of the baby. Most of them are working in a technical rather than medical treatment. Although some NPA also do the same procedure with ARNP in an emergency, but will be more in-depth diagnose authority committed by the NPA.


Pediatric hospitalist brought more roles in the NICU because they handle daily affairs and handle pediatric not only infants but also children. They are still working under the supervision of neonatologists and have the ability to perform multiple procedures in the NICU.


Pediatric resident will have 3 years of education experience to cope with emergency situations in the NICU. Code R is for the base rate, PGY for graduate and post-PL license for. They work with the junior-senior supervisory system which will accompany each other. The procedure is carried will depend on the level that they have. The hospital will describe the specific training in their license upgraded.
Neonatal Fellow

Neonatal fellow has the right to provide consultation for residents, NNPs, and NPAs. They are candidates for neonatologists who are pursuing their license. In the process, they will be more present than neonatologists itself, in order to increase their experience. Their responsibilities include NICU daily plans and other emergency situations.


Pediatrician is very easy to recognize. In the NICU, they will be treated in a special age conditions faced baby. They face a range of age children who are not limited by a variety of conditions. Some families have a personal referral for their child’s pediatrician. It is nice to create a database of health from an early age.

Other Medical Personnel

Specifically you will find some of the personnel in the NICU as:

  • Cardiothoracic surgeon: managing heart surgery
  • Pediatric cardiologist: managing non-surgical heart condition
  • Pediatric gastroenterologist: managing stomach nonsurgical problem
  • Geneticist: Studying all about birth and genetics illness
  • Pediatric hematologist: managing blood sample and maintain blood problems
  • Pediatric nephrologist: managing kidney illness and problems
  • Pediatric neurologist: managing nervous problems
  • Neurosurgeon: managing brain and nervous surgical method
  • Pediatric surgeon: manage general surgery on baby and kids
  • Otolaryngologist: managing condition of ear, nose, and throat on a surgery
  • Pediatric pulmonologist: managing lung conditions
  • Urologist: managing urinary conditions

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