Mom Guidelines: Location and Technique for Changing Diapers

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Mom Guidelines: Location and Technique for Changing Diapers

You actually can change diapers wherever you want; this depends on where you mostly at. What you need to know is that, you can change a diaper everywhere as long as the other utilities in wearing diaper is accessible easily by your hand.


You need a wiper; a new diaper and basket to throw the used diaper. If you don’t have the exact place in changing diaper, you may need to put those two items, the wiper and new diapers in so many places. It can be in a room, living room, and hallway or even in the back of the car seat. In some case that your baby isn’t yet familiar with diapers, some poop may leak. This will basket to throw the used diaper make you not only needs some wiper and a new diaper, you may needs new outfit, more hands to help and even go to tub for cleaner changing. Therefore, it would be better to have a kind of changing place,one stop for changing diapers that also quite close with the bathroom for extra cleaning.

Now we are on the technique of changing diaper. The first thing that you need to know that a baby tend to pee when their skin is exposed to the air. Therefore, when you want to change a diaper, try to have some pads or used baby clothes bellow to prevent any unnecessary wet caused by changing the diaper.

As your baby is old enough or 4 month old as the baby can roll, you can change a diaper by following several steps here. The first one you need to lift one leg and put a new diaper under the baby. After you put a new diaper beneath, you need unfastened the old diaper. After that take, the wipe and wipe the bottom from front inning face. This will enable you to remove some amounts of poop before wiping. If the old diaper is really terrible, then you can leave it folded. This will not make more dirt left on the pants, and it can absorb pee in the meantime of changing diapers.

After several processes like that, you need to wipe the bottom thoroughly. You can wipe using a moist tissue; baby wipe and washcloth. After cleaning this, now you need to pull the old diaper and change it with a new one. When you are finally change the diaper into a new one. You need to make sure that the center of the diaper is placed correctly in between the ahjussi.

When you are changing diapers, you need to make sure that the tabs are evenly built here. This even design will make sure that we are not wet as no leaked in hips design. You need to make sure that the fringe surround legs aren’t tagged into elastic edge.

If you want to complete your diaper utility you also need to have the disposable changing pads. This disposable looks really awesome in case the baby can’t control their pee yet so keep peeing when he is even old. These disposable changing pads would be better to be placed in one stop diaper changing stations so you can reach everything behind.

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