Master Cleanse Recipe

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Master Cleanse Recipe

Who is ready to join me in a detox for the new year? I am getting ready to start my second Master Cleanse fast in January. This is the cleanse that I lost 16 pounds in 8 days this past September.


The detox was the motivator that pushed me to lose an additional 10 pounds after the cleanse (a total of 26 pounds lost in 2 months). It also kick started my no meat-eating diet.

Stanley Burroughs’s book, The Master Cleanser, introduced the detox also known as the lemonade diet. Many people flock to this diet because of it’s quick weight loss results, but the main goal is to get rid of the toxins and pesticides we are feeding our bodies every day. So much of the food we eat is low in nutrients and minerals and high in refined sugar and processed food. Give your body a break to focus on healing and cleansing.

My Master Cleanse Story

I recently moved from Kauai back to California, and I had very little control over my environment. Moving in general can be stressful as you try to dig your roots in the ground. I felt like eating was the only thing I did have control of in my life. I was emotionally eating to escape. I needed something more than a healthy eating plan. I needed to detoxify. My body and my mind were just holding on to too much, and I needed to shake it. My friend had just finished the master cleanse, and she inspired me to try it.

I am going to share the simple Master Cleanse Recipe that will allow your body to release all of those toxins in your body and start the new year off with a body reset. And honestly, this little lemonade recipe actually tastes good.

The Master Cleanse Detox Recipe

2 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 tbsp. organic grade B maple syrup
1 pinch of cayenne pepper powder
8 ounces of filtered water
+ herbal laxative tea

Cut lemons in half and squeeze the juice into a container. Pour water into a drinking glass. Add lemon juice, maple syrup and a pinch of syrup. Stir immediately. Drink to your health. Pretty simple. Now do this 11 more times throughout the day. Drink laxative tea nightly.

Tip: To get more juice from your lemons, you can roll firmly on the counter before cutting and squeezing. It’s recommended to store your lemons on the counter instead of in the fridge.

Burrough’s book says that the ingredients provide all the essentials your body needs. The lemon acts as a purifier and provides potassium, the cayenne pepper adds B and C vitamins and aids in circulation (it also helps curb your appetite), and maple syrup provides energy, minerals and calories your body needs.

How Much Should I Drink On The Master Cleanse?

It is recommended to drink 6-12 servings per day. For your first two days drink 12 servings to keep your body hydrated. Then you may adjust by what your body needs. I think this is key to avoiding the headaches. I didn’t experience any headaches (this is rare), but I am also not a caffeine drinker, so I have a feeling if you need coffee, you will have some headaches the first 2-3 days. You may drink as much water as you want in addition to the master cleanse recipe. Right before you go to bed, drink an herbal laxative tea. I use Smooth Move Tea (Whole Foods has it).

Questions about My Experience with the Master Cleanse

Did you gain the weight back and how did it go afterwards? No. But it’s very easy to gain weight after the cleanse. If you keep thinking about food deprivation, you will overcompensate when it’s time to eat again. You are resetting more than just your body, you have to reset your mind too. My thoughts were not consumed by food and what my next meal or snack was going to be.

When I stopped thinking about food, I had a lot more room in my head to ponder and reflect about other things. It was freeing to not think about what I was going to eat all of the time. This allowed me to think about my next steps after the cleanse. It’s great to start researching a healthy eating plan for when you stop the cleanse.

I wanted to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle, so I joined Weight Watchers which encourages you to eat smaller portions of your favorite foods. I tried Weight Watchers in the past, and it did not work because I had a hard time reducing my portions. But after the cleanse, my stomach had shrunk, and I was able to stay within the point system. I also emailed all of my vegetarian friends for recipes and tips. For some reason my body was telling me that I did not need meat. I listened to it, and I have maintained a pescatarian diet since.

How long did you fast for? I did the actual master cleanse recipe for 8 full days. The days leading up to the fast, I eliminated meat and any food that might be hard for my body to process. The day before I started the fast, I only drank my green smoothie recipe. I snuck in a few carrots too.

The day after ending the fast, I drank my green smoothie, orange juice (mixed with maple syrup) and broth based soups. The master cleanse website talks about the ease-in and ease-out part of the fast. You can also learn more about the salt water flush on the website (which I did not do). They recommend doing the fast for at least 10 days, so that will be my goal for January.

I am no health expert, or a diet guru. I just know that I really felt elated and full of energy when I got in my groove with this cleanse. It definitely was a confidence booster to lose weight so quickly. This motivated me to really take care of my body inside and out. I was struggling to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, and the master cleanse got me there. This fast is not for everybody (not recommended for pregnant/nursing women or children), but if you are willing to give it a try, I would be happy to share and support you during your cleanse.

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