Making Reclaimed Ornaments

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Making Reclaimed Ornaments

My husband and I strive to see creative possibilities in everything. We are big believers in buying less and reusing more.


An old frame thrown in the trash is turned into a giant cork board, a broken wood chair is fixed and reupholstered, and an old wood door is cut into children’s building blocks. We strive to be an environmentally-responsible creative family, and this year we decided ornaments on the tree are no exception.

I have spent the last few nights in the land of Pinterest. Here are my favorite ideas for DIY holiday ornaments made out of reclaimed material.

Spend the morning scavenging through the woods for pinecones with your kids. Come home to some warm cocoa and cookies, and turn those sought-after pinecones into picture-perfect ornaments.

How awesome it this? Now rummage through your garage or your parent’s garage for an old game of Scrabble and turn those dusty letters into stimulating ornaments.

If you can’t tell yet, I am a sucker for anything involving pictures (especially when it is as simple as this). Hit up the thrift store and find some cookie cutters (they are usually in surplus) and photocopy pictures onto cardstock to make your own cookie cutter picture frames.

These brightly painted pinecones remind me of an Andy Warhol silkcreen. Fun. Modern. Easy.

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