Make Your Own Fairy-Tale Tutu

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Make Your Own Fairy-Tale Tutu

Making Halloween costumes is something I love to do. I can create unique and special attire for my children to wear Halloween night and it teaches them to be creative and resourceful (and that is priceless in my book).


I was taught to make a tutu as a child and it has stuck with me my entire life. I hope to be passing along this treasure of a lesson to my kids this Halloween and each day that I set a positive creative example for them.  Making costumes can be much more of a challenge when you do not sew. Learning to sew is on my parenting bucket list for sure, but for now I work with what I have. This super easy tutu can be made in one evening on the couch and can be turned into so many different costumes. It is my go to costume basic and I want to show you the trick to this dress-up gem!

What you need:

  • Crochet headband (you can find these in craft and fabric stores)
  • Tulle rolls (color depends on the costume)
  • Scissors 

First cut your tulle double the length of where you want your tutu to fall. You need about 2-5 rolls per tutu, but this varies on how full you want the tutu to be. You can easily make a simple short length tutu with just one roll. So, I would just cut the tulle as you go.

Fold your headband in half and start threading the tulle strips through the bottom row of holes on the headband. Pull the tulle through and tie a knot, this should leave you with two strips of tulle each time. Continue all the way around the tutu. Once you get around you can go around again and again until you get the thickness you desire.

Once you are finished you can add embellishments like ribbon straps if you want it to be a tutu dress or a silk flower on the front with just a little hot glue. This year I made a rainbow unicorn for my daughter and added one of those enormous furry pipe cleaners to the back for a unicorn tail. Here are some other tutu costume ideas:

  • Bumble Bee (yellow and black tulle)
  • Lady Bug (red and black tulle)
  • Witch (Abby the witch pictured above, lots of purple and black)
  • Rainbow (Emma pictured above as a rainbow)
  • Sunshine (shades of yellow and orange tulle)

You get the idea. Along with a few accessories this easy DIY costume as so many possibilities and I can’t tell you how amazing it looks out there stealing the trick or treating show! Now go get your tulle on! And be sure to share your pictures with us!

Happy Halloween!




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