Learning Baby: A Natural Way to Learn to Live

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Learning Baby: A Natural Way to Learn to Live

At first, there’s nothing a baby can do, but sleep, cry eat, and fill his diapers. But an infant is a very good learning person. Baby can know what is going on out there and communicate his needs and interest to the other person.


Parents should help their infants learning by having fun with them because learning in a fun way is more easily absorbed by the baby. Learning baby can see looks and objects of any sizes, shapes, and colors. He can distinguish their parents’ voice and the other person’s. Even he can naturally mold their body to the parents’ body or do the calming down on his own.

Baby’s Teacher = Parents

A parents’ involvement is very important in the development of the baby. What you teach them now will affect his future. Your care and experience will affect his brain. Good attention makes new brain cells connected which help infants:

  • Understand of new ideas and information
  • Grow healthy bodies
  • Feel secure and confident

Every baby is unique and different. Getting to know what your baby likes and needs is an important way to understand. There are two types of baby how he interacts to the other person and situation, so you better really understand this:

  • Some babies are noisier when they are laughing or crying, while some are more calm naturally
  • Some babies like more activity, some like less

All babies will make us know when they had enough. Here are some ways your baby will tell you about time for a nap:

  • Rubs eyes
  • Avoids the eye contact
  • Coughs or spits
  • Becomes sleepy or fretful, some may cry a lot also

The health of you is really important, so it’s best to take care of your health. Healthy food and enough rest are really important for your body, because of such amount of energy needed in this state of baby’s development. If you are happy, it will help you make the baby happy too. If you need support or help, let others know. When your body is fully charged, then you can have fun again with the baby.

Watch Out Who Cares for Your Infants

It’s really important to develop a close relationship between the learning baby and the family members. It will help him make a good relationship with others.

  • If you have to leave your baby with friend, relative or professional child care provider, reassure that the caregiver gives enough safe and healthy environments. You will feel safe and confident about what will happen to your baby.
  • Your baby can learn how to communicate with other people by letting them talk or hold with your baby.
  • If you can’t be together with your baby, to give the baby to the caregivers like close friends or relatives is a good idea. Your baby will slowly understand how to interact with them.

Baby spends the early year growing by learning how to feel safe in being loved. A life full of love will provide your baby the emotional strength to feel the confidence, the body’s strength to fight disease, and the power to understand new things.

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