Illness Infection in Breast Feeding Period

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Illness Infection in Breast Feeding Period

When you are breastfeeding your baby, it is likely that somewhere along the way you caught on an illness that can cause you are decreasing immunity system.


These illnesses, for example, the flu, cough, fever, and also bacteria growth. It is very common, and you do not have to worry because it is completely normal and it is actually not very dangerous and it does not mean that your baby will instantly have the illness, as well.

When facing with the illness, you may think that your baby can be infected as well from the breast feeding. However, it is not entirely true. Because, your baby is still exposed any way to the illness since he will be by your side almost the entire time. Furthermore, the breast feeding is actually managed to give your baby more strength, as well as immunity. Therefore, do not stop the breast feeding when you find out that you caught an illness because if you stop, your baby is more likely to catch the same illness afterwards. In addition, when you are continuing your breastfeeding, you are most likely increasing the chance of your baby to survive the illness.

However, there is indeed particular type of illness that can be transferred from the mother to the baby and otherwise. This kind of illness, for example, is the thrush. The illness is caused by bacteria, and it makes the breast feels sore or even painful. It is also making your breast shows some red skin rash. In short, the thrush is caused by bacteria developing and attacking the breast and usually happens to a woman with diabetes. Therefore, always make sure that you always clean your breast from the milk spill after you complete the breast feeding. This way, you can be avoided from the illness.

As for the baby, the thrush is shown by white spots around the mouth or a coated inner side of the mouth. It is usually also followed by the diaper rash, which is can be quite an inconvenience and discomfort. For the baby, this symptom needs to be taken care of immediately to prevent any severe development, as well as the inconvenience for your baby. To help the prevention of the illness, you can perform many steps and tricks. You can take care of it by cleaning every toy and baby utensil that may get in his mouth using the soap water. You can also have the baby’s mouth wiped out clean after he finishes his breast feeding to prevent any growth of bacteria around its mouth.

If you find out that you or your baby have the thrush, you should call your doctor and have him giving the treatment for both of you. Because, if the treatment is only given to one party, the back and forth disease is absolutely possible. Therefore, it is important to make sure that both the mother and the baby are healed at the same period of time. Meanwhile, the breast feeding should still be continued. Because, it can help the baby to prevent any other disease infection.

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