Recycled Art: Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

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Some days I find it hard to be crafty with the kids– the markers dried up, the tape is gone, there’s no more construction paper, the play dough dried out, the list goes on. But when you change your perspective from only using “craft supplies” to using what you have on hand, the doors of creativity are endless. For example, check out these creative ideas you can do with an empty toilet paper roll.

Top Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

  • Diorama:Create a miniature scene inside the toilet paper roll like Anastassia Elias does. Teach your kids about depth, scenery and take turns telling stories about your creation.

  • Magical Castle: Create a royal palace for you princes and princesses. Molly Moo used toilet paper rolls for tree trunks and castle decor.

  • Seedling containers: Make indoor planters out of cardboard toilet paper rolls.

  • Little monsters: Alisa Burke has captured our attention again with these high-energy characters made from toilet paper rolls (you could even make the Royal Party to go with your toilet paper roll castle!).

  • Bird feeder: Give those sweet-sounding birds a treat this spring. Want to make it? Visit Angela over at the Coupon Project.

  • Marble Run: Teach kids about gravity and speed with this easy to make and super fun to play idea by TinkerLab.

  • Toilet Paper Caterpillar:  Follow this step by step tutorial to make a very hungry caterpillar with your kids.

  • Heart Stamps: I love a simple spin on an ordinary object- like making a heart stamp out of a circular toilet paper roll. Rust & Sunshine shared this idea on their blog and I think they are just the perfect size for toddlers!

  • Rocket ship:You can thank No Time for Flash Cards for this styling rocket ship made from a toilet paper roll. I love the aluminum foil reflectors and the tissue paper fire. So stinking cute!

Looking for a place to store your toilet paper rolls for future craft projects? Why not have your child make a super easy and eco-friendly Art Recycle Box!

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