Mud Pie Kitchen

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My children play the longest and are the happiest when there is dirt involved; so making a mud pie kitchen was a priority this summer. It is such a wonderful invitation for a child to engage in open play and let their imaginations create endless possibilities all while having their little hands covered with earth’s best toy.

With a combination of retired kitchen tools and thrift store finds this kitchen came together for under $10. That’s a pretty good steal considering it gets played with every single day and usually more than once a day.

How to Create a Fantastic Mud Pie Kitchen

  • Keep your eyes open for “free wood” signs or tree cutters in the neighborhood. Tree stumps make great stove tops and counters in the kitchen and people seem to want to get rid of these guys pretty often.
  • Get to your local thrift store and stock up on old muffin and cake tins, baskets, buckets and even little pots and pans. I collected these things for pocket change and it is exactly what we needed. Things that are inexpensive and ok to get pretty banged up outside.
  • Don’t forget the dirt! I just grabbed a bag of top soil from the garden center that works perfectly for mud pies.
  • Keep it clean. I know that sounds funny, but when I get out there and straighten up the kitchen and rearrange things a bit it seems to draw them in even more.
  • Encourage children to collect things from nature for their kitchen. Flowers petals, rocks and sticks go a long way with children.

This kitchen has been such fun for my children. It allows them to play together and create whatever their little minds think up, but most importantly it gets them outside often. This in my opinion is priceless.

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