Homemade Birthday Gift: Cork Stamps

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I try to have my children create homemade gifts whenever possible. I think it is important to show them we do not need to head out to the big box store for every occasion and that things we make ourselves can be so special to our friends and family. Not to mention it is setting an example in the early years to consume less and recycle more — and isn’t that a sweet little bonus?

I made a little stamp set to give to Emma as a reward recently and I thought it would make the perfect birthday gift as we approach many summer parties this year. These were very simple to make and Emma had a lot of fun stamping. I think next time around she can be more involved in making the stamps by using tacky glue and adding some color to the corks. This will be our summer party gift go to idea for sure.


Materials needed for cork stamps:

  • Corks – Drink some wine and save some corks! (another bonus for you)
  • Foam stickers – small ones work best
  • Hot glue or tacky glue


  1. Peel off the paper on the stickers exposing the sticky side and attach with glue to each cork. The sticker side is not strong enough to hold alone, you definitely need the glue. For the small stickers be sure to use a very thin layer of glue so it does not ooze out and interfere with the stamping image.
  2. Once dry you can tie together and include a washable ink pad.

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