Friendship Treasure Box

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I remember my friend Ryan recalling his mother using age as an encouragement to make friends, “That boy is eight too, why don’t you go play with him?” Yes, I too am guilty of this, “Emma, look! She has the same shoes as you, I bet you two would play nicely together.”

As ridiculous as this sound, I do think this is a great tool to teach children to make friends and to be open to meeting new people. While this is a great lifelong skill, something else I hope to teach my children is to treasure a good friend when they find one and to be able to recognize connections with different people in their lives, even at such a young age.

Yesterday was a special day for us, Emma’s very good friend, lifelong friend at that, turned five. When we were out shopping for a gift for Odessa, Emma expressed that she wanted to make something extra special for her. When we got home we raided our art recycling box. We keep a box to recycle anything we may use for art, check out my post about this on Green Owl Art. We pulled out some berry baskets and Emma decided she wanted to make a “birthday friendship treasure fun box,” sounded good to me.

Materials needed:

Plastic containers (that berries come in)
Pretty paper
Hot glue
Tacky glue

First I used hot glue to cover the sides and top with the paper and felt. We also added a photo on the inside. After I was done with the hot glue steps, Emma used the tacky glue to add on special trinkets to the top. She used things that she thought Odessa would like.

Once everything dried we added some special treasures inside. There is something about calling things treasures that makes everything turn magical for children. I love that. I may try that with myself when doing the laundry. “It’s treasure washing day!”

I thought this came out so cute I decided to make Grayson a bug box, which he of course thought was a great place to hold his rocks, can’t have too many places to keep rocks in this house. You could really use this project for any theme; nature walk box, Easter basket gift, hair clip holder…..possibilities are endless.

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