Fabric Gift Wrapping

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House decorated. Gifts made. Ornaments hung on tree. Next comes wrapping those gifts and placing them under the tree. Why not ditch the paper wrapping paper and go for something reusable? Like fabric wrapping paper. I love this idea for many reasons. One, it’s so easy to make. Two, it’s reusable. You can keep the same bags for years! Three, it looks really nice. Four, you don’t have to use all that tape! Laura Medley shared this idea with Family Sponge and I had to pass it on to you.

Fabric 101

Laura prefers to use the upholstery-weight fabric— it’s more durable. JoAnns usually has their Christmas fabric on sale when it gets close to Christmas, though their selection might be picked over. And don’t forget your coupons!

Fabric Wrapping 101:

  1. Cut your chosen fabric into a large rectangle piece based on the size of your gifts (you will be folding it in half, so cut it twice as wide as your gift). Fold with right sides together and sew two straight lines. You don’t have to finish the top edge of the bag, though you could do that.
  2. Turn right-side out. Stick adorable present in. Tie with whatever ribbon you have around the house and voila!

After Christmas just fold them up and put into storage for the following year. For large presents, you can use large scarves to wrap them.

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