How to Reduce the SIDS Risks

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How to Reduce the SIDS Risks

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a syndrome that causes the infant die suddenly, as the name suggests, usually because of suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment.


Mommies can try to do the following efforts to keep their sleeping babies safe. It is said that babies under 1 year of age better sleep on their backs than on their tummies. However, some babies with especially health condition may be best placed to sleep on their tummies.

  1. Babies under 1 year old are best placed on their backs when sleep. However, once they are able to turn or roll from the back to the side or tummies on their own, mommies need not worry to let them be in that position. Mommies need to immediately move their babies to a firm sleep surface if they fall asleep in a swing, stroller, or car safety seat.
  2. Always put the babies on a firm sleep surface. If they are placed on the crib or portable crib, make sure that they are safe and do not have materials that may harm the babies. Some sleeping surfaces to avoid by babies are chair, water bed, and sheep skin.
  3. Until the babies are 12 months after the birth, do not place pillows, comforter, and sheep skins that may make the risks of suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment greater.
  4. Sleep in the same room as the babies, but not the same bed. There are cases where the babies die during the sleep because the parents roll onto them. Staying in the same room as the babies enable mommies to feed them anytime.
  5. Researchers proved that breastfeeding can reduce the risks of SIDS. Therefore, it is suggested that babies get as much and for a long time as possible.
  6. Schedule a regular visit to make the babies get immunizations as immunizations help the reduction of the risks of SIDS.
  7. Do not place babies in the smoking area. Mommies are to stop smoking of course.
  8. Adjust the temperature for the babies. They should not feel too hot or too cold.
  9. To vary the breastfeeding time, give pacifiers to the babies during the nap time and bedtime. If the pacifier falls, mommies do not need to always put it back in.
  10. It is no need to install any home cardiorespiratory monitors to help the risks of SIDS since there is no study proves that the installments can reduce the risks.
  11. Never try to use products for the SIDS risks reduction; as; on the contrary, there are many cases where babies die because of using the products.

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