How to Organize Toys – Stylish Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

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How to Organize Toys – Stylish Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

For children, toys are a fun, exciting way of letting loose; but for parents, toys mean a cluttered, unorganized mess. With toys left strewn across the house, every room turns into a playroom for your kids. The trick to reclaiming your space from your children’s toys is that storage needs to be simple.


So simple, that your child doesn’t even need to think about it. Less complaining means more storing.

How to organize kids’ toys is a question that constantly plagues parents. We have come up with the solution. Whether big toy storage in the living room, toys in small spaces, or toys with many little parts, we have the best ways to organize kids’ toys that are simple, and as an added bonus: stylish.

Before you go out and buy one of these space-savers it is equally as important to consider other ways to organize toys beforehand. Mental uncluttering helps to sort out those toys that your kids don’t play with anymore from those that are still in use. If your child is adamant that he or she still plays with all of them—which is most likely to be the case—any one of the below would be the perfect remedy. No more lost toys, frustrating trips and tumbles or messy rooms!

How To Organize Toys In Living Room

Storage cubes, toy chests and fabric drawers are great ways to organize kids’ toys in the living room. They easily incorporate both big toy storage and smaller toys, while only taking up a corner of your living area. Before we get into the details, watch this amazing video on how to organize kids’ toys:

Storage Cubes

Storage cubes or shelves are a necessity in any home that has an abundance of kids’ toys. Because of the larger capacity that comes with cubes, these are great places for relatively big toy storage and can also double as a traditional bookshelf or display case.

Toy Chests

Unlike storage cubes, what toy chest hold are invisible on the outside. While the inside of a toy chest may look like a great mess once everything is thrown in, they keep up appearances on the outside and put every toy in once place. A great big toy storage tool.

Fabric Drawers

Fabric drawers work much in the same way as toy chests. The difference being that fabric drawers can be neatly tucked away into storage cubes or under furniture. Because they are smaller than toy chests, they can be hidden away more easily and often add brightness to any living room.

How To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

In small spaces, you need to work with the space you have to find ways to organize kids’ toys. Big toy storage can be made easy through furniture that doubles as storage, forward facing shelves, baskets and plastic tubs.

Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Ottomans and benches are great ways to hide your children’s toys when you need to put them away. Coffee tables or desks with drawers underneath can be used to stash smaller toys and puzzles. Furniture that doubles as storage is one of the best ways to organize kids’ toys that is both smart and stylish.

Forward-Facing Shelves

Forward-facing shelves make use of every inch of space you can afford. Generally, when built in behind a door, these space-savers can be put out of sight with a curtain or covering when not in use. It can also double as a bookshelf as your child gets older.

Baskets And Plastic Tubs

When you don’t have room to neatly tuck things away, woven baskets—much like toy chests—allow you to toss loose toys in and place them in a corner of the room. Unlike toy chests however, they take up much less space.

Plastic tubs are a great way to organize toys because they were made to be stacked. You can label each one and stack them in a closet or a room out of sight.

How To Organize Large Toys

Big toy storage is done best through DIY projects. Construct shelves and storage cubes with enough space to hold the larger toys, use matching color bins and keep the most used toys on the lower shelves.

The larger toys generally do not fit into ready-made pieces of furniture. You’ll be left with a toy corner that will eventually become bigger and bigger until it slowly creeps its way into the next room. The best way to organize kids’ toys comes from personalized solutions.

When it comes to how to organize big toys, large shelving units work best. And the thing about large toys is that once you find a space to put them, you don’t really need to organize any further. The only rule that needs remembering is that keeping the most played with toys at the bottom reduces the need to upset the order of the entire shelf.

Watch this video for a great DIY tutorial on a big toy storage unit with wooden crates:

How To Organize Small Toys

Small toys need to be compartmentalized and organized according to most used and category. As always, versatility is key so you need to take advantage of those pieces of furniture that were made to hold small tools in neatly divided sections.

One of the more unique toy room storage ideas for smaller toys is to use a rolling cart with baskets, bead organizers or tool organizers. What you’ll notice is that none of the solutions were made with toys in mind. But the key to organization lies in how creative you can get.

Rolling Cart With Baskets

Add a few dividers into the compartments and what you have is a easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain small toy storage locker for figurines and dolls. Your kids will be able to see and play with all their small toys because of how easily accessible the rolling cart is. Let’s just hope they put them back.

Bead Organizers And Tool Organizers

Bead and tool organizers provide the perfect answer to the question of how to organize a toddler’s toys. A great toy room storage idea for those tiny, tiny toys that almost always get lost, bead and tool organizers offer neat compartments and safe storage.

How To Organize Toys With Small Parts

The answer to how to organize toys with small parts is much the same as organizing small toys: compartmentalize according to category of toy and most used. You can take advantage of see-through plastic bags or fabric peek-a-boo bags to collect each toy with its many parts. Not only do these bags collect all the different parts in a safe way, they are also easy to use and store away neatly, adding fun décor and a splash of color. For a DIY tutorial on how to make these amazing fabric bags, watch:

Big Toy Storage – Ideas

Here is a quick look at some of the best ways to organize kids’ toys that are creative, fun and easy on the eyes. Take inspiration from some of these space-savers the next time you ask how to organize your children’s toys.

The Shoe Organizer Display

The perfect showcase for your child’s larger stuffed toys. It can be used for a long time because once your kids grow out of plush toys, they can be replaced with what was initially intended when making the product: shoes.

How to organize a toy closet? Here you go!

The Nerf Gun Wall

How to organize a boy’s room? Well, boys love Nerf guns and if your son has one—or a dozen—look no further. This is a peg board that has been transformed into a great space to hang up an arsenal of Nerf guns.

Hidden Gem

This takes the concept of a toy chest to a whole new level. When it comes to big toy storage few solutions have come so simple. Just brush the toys into the hidden compartment and it’s out of sight, out of mind. Simple, yet ingenious.

Final Thoughts

How to organize a toddler’s room? What are the best ways to organize kids’ toys? How to organize large toys? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to any of these questions. That would make things too easy and as we know, nothing is easy when it comes to kids and their toys. What we have demonstrated is the many ways to organize toys that take into account different circumstances: large and small space and different size toys.

It is good to remember that you can have the most well organized playroom possible but it will still end up a mess. While organization is important, it is equally as important to make your children stick to a clean up routine you implement and ensure they take responsibility of their toys.

With a lot of toys comes a lot of responsibility!

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