How to Make Kids Sleep in their own Bed

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How to Make Kids Sleep in their own Bed

We used to be hardcore about making Zoe sleep in her own bed all night. But we find it’s most important to make kids sleep in their own bed when they first go to sleep.


That way you can have adult time to wind down in your own bedroom. We are okay with middle of the night co-sleeping like How to be a Dad shows in the image above. Are your nights in bed anything like that? I find a king bed helps– a lot.

We stay consistent with having our daughter fall asleep in her own bed. But she likes to do the bedroom creep every once in awhile. Here’s our recent sleep solution for when Zoe escapes her bed after goodnights and kisses have already been given:

Silent Sleep Experiment

We now respond to Zoe’s sleep protests with silence. And it has been working for us. It brings peace to our nights, and we are all happier with this positive sleep approach.

How it works:

  1. Make it very clear it’s bedtime when you say your final good nights. “It’s bedtime. I will see you in the morning. I love you.”
  2. If your child asks you a question, ignore them. If your child asks you another question, ignore them.
  3. If your child comes out of the room, point to the room without talking.
  4. If your child will not return to the room, silently and gently pick them up, and place your child in their bed (you can add a little “shh” signal to let them know you won’t be talking).
  5. Repeat with love and silence.

Remember to stay consistent. Feel free to let your child know your bedtime expectations and how you will be responding to bedroom escapes.

Tips to Stay in Bed

Some other tips for staying in bed:

  • Give your child a calming jar
  • Give your child a warning with a last call for water, bathroom, cuddles, questions
  • Set the timer for responding to their requests and needs
  • Give them a book to look through (warning: Zoe has stayed up for an hour or two flipping through pages while she “winds” down, but she does stay in her bed)

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