How to Make a Piggy Bank Out Of Trash

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How to Make a Piggy Bank Out Of Trash

When my son was born, he got a classic porcelain piggy bank as a gift. It’s adorable and sentimental, but really not very practical for a baby, toddler or even preschooler.


It’s on the verge of breaking (after multiple drops in its head), and is taking FOREVER to fill up! My son Jackson is now four years old and has been faithfully saving his money in that piggy since birth, with our help, of course. It’s beginning to feel like a bottomless pit and some days he wonders “why even bother” to add more of his chore money to it.

I finally had enough with the porcelain piggy and decided I needed to find something else for him to save his money in. Something that doesn’t take 5 years of his life to fill up. Something that speaks preschool language.

That’s when the Morton Salt container and the baking powder container made their appearance. I always try to find things around the house to reuse before I buy something new, and these kitchen essentials were perfect for my 2 and 4-year olds to use as piggy banks! I cut a book jacket down to use as their new outer shell, and they are quite cute! Now it will only take a few months for my kids to earn enough to “break the bank.” This still teaches the value of saving, just in preschool time-frame. And I don’t have to worry about them breaking!

What You Need To Make Your Own Piggy Bank

  • Morton Salt container or baking powder container (enlarge or cut holes in the top)
  • Some cute paper (scrapbook paper, old book jacket, etc)
  • Glue (all I had was wood glue and it worked fine!)
  • Twine (just to dress it up a little more)

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