How to Do Burrito Wrap

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How to Do Burrito Wrap

Babies are born with the instinct of reflexes that cause them to fail their legs and arms, for example. Mommies need not worry to deal with the situation. Here are the steps to do what we call Burrito Wrap.


The origin of Burrito itself is taken from Mexican food made by folding a tortilla (thin round bread) and putting meat, beans, and cheese inside it. As the name suggests, Burrito Wrap is folding the baby inside a thin blanket to keep them pose in the same pose as they sleep. Any variations of the steps are acceptable as long as it makes the babies and the mommies comfortable. However, the following steps are arranged to keep the folding from coming undone easily. The steps are as follows.

  1. Lay a thin-diamond-shaped baby blanket.
  2. Start folding down the blanket by its top corner until the corner meets the middle of the blanket.
  3. Put the baby on the center of the blanket. Remember to put her on her back. Set her arms at her sides. Fix her head just above the folded edge and the shoulders just below it.
  4. Take one of the side corners of the blanket and fold. Then, fold it over the baby’s shoulder and across the body. Make sure to tuck the corner that is underneath the baby on the opposite side.
  5. After that, take the bottom corner of the blanket; the one below the baby’s feet. Then, fold it up over the baby. If the blanket is so large that the bottom corner reaches over the baby’s face, fold it back down, or mommies can also bring it over one shoulder and tuck it under the baby. Remember not to let the blanket cover the baby’s face.
  6. There is only one corner remains now. Take and pull it over the baby’s other shoulder and make it cross the baby’s body. The last step is folding the corner under the baby’s opposite side.

There are some things to remember in doing the bundling. First, do not bundle too tightly. Babies are naturally frog-legged, so if it is possible let them be. Second, free the arms next to the head if this makes the babies comfortable. Again, any variations are possible.

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