How to Deal with Colic Babies

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How to Deal with Colic Babies

At 6:00 pm or midnight, usually baby becomes fussy. Fussy babies typically spend three hours of your time. You usually will feel frustrated because, at this hour, you have other work to do or you need a rest.


If the baby cries inconsolably, you have to be aware because one-fifth of infants aged two to four weeks likely to suffer from colic. This disease will make the baby feel uncomfortable because their stomachs distended and filled with gas, and babies will cry inconsolably. Because of colic is unknown.

However, a baby who is difficult to control his nervous system is sensitive to colic. Colic can stop after two to four months. But sometimes can be more than six months. Colic is also a sign that the mother does not match the baby. Sometimes, colic also caused by baby’s sensitivity to dairy formula. The first thing you should do is consult with your doctor.

For nursing mothers, reduce milk production and regulate the diet of caffeine, onions or other foods that may interfere can be done to avoid colic. For a baby with formula milk, baby may be sensitive to the protein content in infant formula.

Do not overfeed you baby. This will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Give baby calming motion to make them calm. Other than that, listen to the calming sound for a baby. Soothing voice will make the baby feel in the womb.

Give the pacifier to the baby. This will also help to calm the baby. Give a gentle massage on the baby’s back. Lay the baby belly on your knees and the back massage. Remember, do not make your baby shocked with snapped or shaking the baby. Enlist the help of family or husband if you’re feeling tired and impatient.

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