How to Deal with Baby First Bowel Movement

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How to Deal with Baby First Bowel Movement

After birth, the baby’s stool will not smell because the baby’s stool is still very sterile. This is because of me conium process that make baby’s belly still sterile.


As the first food that comes into the body of the baby, the baby is became polluted by bacteria and because smelly feces. Do not complain if your baby poops smell. If baby’s me conium begins to be infected with the bacteria, this will increase the risk of me conium syndrome that can endanger baby’s lungs. In twenty four hours, newborn will poop directly. If the baby does not poop in more than twenty four hours, doctor will try to find some cases that can because the a blockage of stool. Baby may have problems such as intestinal obstruction, rectal retarded, or feces stuck.

Baby’s me conium will pass within a few days. Stool that was black will turn into dark green. Breastfed babies have a little more liquid stools and whitish. Infants who drink formula have fewer watery stools and browned. Usually the fees changed from green to yellow and then to brown.

There are two colors of fees that should be aware. The colors are white and red. Ground white or brown color indicates a severe liver disease while the red color indicates the occurrence of bleeding or bleeding in the mother’s nipple as a result of the delivery process. Call your doctor immediately if this happens. Wise mother should respond to problems that might arise in the baby’s digestion.

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