How to Create an Irresistible Reading Corner for Kids

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How to Create an Irresistible Reading Corner for Kids

Encouraging children to spend more time reading can be as simple as creating a special spot for them to enjoy doing it.


As you begin planning a designated reading corner in your home, here are four key details for you to consider:


Do your children prefer lying on the floor when they read or would they rather curl up in a comfortable chair? Depending on their likings, add cushy floor pillows, a just right sized recliner or an overstuffed bean bag and motivate your little ones to settle in for a while. I love Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chairs and Land of Nod has amazing floor cushions. If you are hoping to limit your budget on this project, try this trick: Use dog cushions as floor pillows. They are often less expensive and are very easy to clean.


One way that stores draw customers in is by creating beautiful window displays. The incredibly effective marketing technique is a perfect strategy for reading corners too. Display several books about your children’s favorite interests or upcoming holidays. Rotate the selection every few days to keep your children coming back for more.


It may seem obvious, but having plenty of light in a reading nook helps children see the words and illustrations in books. Place the spot by a window or add a lamp to ensure the space is bright enough for your kids to enjoy every little detail as they read.


One of my favorite things about child-friendly reading areas is their limitless possibility. Options include making your own tent, building a loft and hanging wooden tubes. Reading nooks can be as outside the box as your mind will take you.

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