How to Build a Crib by Yourself

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How to Build a Crib by Yourself

Let’s be honest, when you heard the news that you are going to be a parent, you couldn’t help but jump with sheer excitement, happiness, and joy before getting ready to prepare your new child’s nursery.


With that in mind, you need to do everything you can in your power to ensure that your new family member grows up to be healthy, happy, and bright. To guarantee such an upbringing you need to start preparing your baby’s crib. 

There are several cribs already available in retail stores, but not everyone will find a model that is particularly to their liking, have the budget for it, or even be possible due to the coronavirus pandemic that the world is currently dealing with – but that’s another story for another time.

That’s why some parents prefer to DIY their own baby crib with their own hands. And despite not having any prior experience, some folks will find that putting together their own baby crib is not that much of a daunting task as they realize, not especially if they have a proper guide and instruction like we’ve put out in this article.

How to Build a Baby Crib

A crib made out of wood isn’t that hard to assemble in retrospect, but it’s essential that you carefully plan out the steps to construct the crib by taking as much time as you need. 

Remember, the whole idea of making a baby crib is not only to ensure it goes the distance but keeps your young ward safe and happy. One wrong move and it could be very risky for your child. 

To learn how to build a crib for your teething offspring, follow the instructions below:

  1. Decorate Your Baby’s Room

Before you can even put your baby’s crib together, you’ll need to set up your newborn child’s nursery. Fortunately, decorating a baby’s room shouldn’t be all that hard, once you have the right resources to work with, and pour all your heart and soul into it.

  1. Secure the Proper Supplies

Also, before we show you how to build a baby crib, it’s obvious you need to have all of the essential supplies to make it. You may have some tools available with you, while you need to procure the rest.

Not only is this more affordable than purchasing a crib from the store, but tools may also come in handy for future projects up ahead.

Before you start construction on your crib, it is essential you have the following items available with you:

Materials and Tools

  • Circular saw or table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Square
  • Wood screws
  • Stain or paint
  • Wood glue

Wood pieces

  • 4 2x2s that are at least 8 feet long
  • 5 2x10s that are at least 8 feet long
  • One 2×4 that is at least 6 feet long
  • Seven 1x3s that are at least 8 feet long
  • Two 8 feet long quarter round pieces
  • Two 1×2 that is at least 8 feet long
  • One 4×8 sheet of OSB wood
  1. Choose Your Wood

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to pick up the type of wood you need to make your crib out of. Normally, any type of wood would do and the type that you choose should be in line with the kind of climate and purpose that you’re looking for. You have a plethora of choices available from pine to oak. The one thing that you must ensure is that the dimensions for your crib have to be the same, regardless of the type of crib you’re going for.

You can go for harder wood if you’re looking for something durable. However, this material is relatively more expensive than those made of softer wood. 

If you’d like, you can visit a baby supply store in advance to gather some ideas. Some parents prefer to trace the pattern of the crib’s legs to a piece of plywood so that they can cut it out and use that as a reference for their DIY crib. 

  1. Cut out Pieces for the Crib

Now that you have the wood material for the crib, you need to cut it into several pieces to make the front, back, and sides of the crib. To ensure the cuts are accurate and precise, use a miter saw.

Of course, when cutting the wood there will be chances of inhaling sawdust, which could be detrimental to your health, or worse, even include toxic substances. So for this, we recommend putting on a dust mask. 

Here are the measurements for the crib that you need to cut out:

          • Two 2 x 2 pieces cut into 27.75 inches
          • Three 2 x 10 pieces cut into 28.5 inches
          • Six 2 x 10 pieces cut in just 48 inches
          • One 2 x 2 pieces cut into 34 inches
          • Two 2 x 2 pieces cut into 52.5 inches
          • Two 1 x 2 pieces cut into 48 inches
          • 12 1 x 3 pieces cut into 28.5 inches

Cut the legs of your crib using the jigsaw and then be sure to sand them down and cut out any rough edges. Use a Kreg Jig to drill two holes at the bottom and top of the 2x2s so it will be easier to attach the other 2x2s that you already have.

  1. Now Assemble the Crib Sides and Back Panel

Now first work with the 2 x 10’s cut into 48 inches. The screws need to be countersink to both edges so they can attach the side panels. Use the 1x2s for extra back rail support.

Now stand the side and back panels together. Be sure they are level and hold them together with screws.

  1. Work on the Rail

Use your 28.5-inch 1 x 3s and 52.5-inch 2 x 2’s. Drill pocket holes at the bottom and the top of the 2 x 2s so they can form the crib’s rail. You decide how further away you want the slats for your crib to be just so your ward hands don’t get stuck.

  1. Include the Platform for the Mattress

Now you need a platform to hold the mattress for the baby. First, build the frame for the platform using your 24.5-inch 2 x 2s. Next, the OSB wood you cut out using your circular or table saw, and attach it with wood screws. Be sure to use a good drill to drill the screws from the platform’s top into the bottom. Then have the platform lowered within the crib and make sure it is leveled before you put it in place.

  1. Put the Mattress in

The mattress will have to be purchased separately, so be sure you’ve ordered one that especially fits inside the crib. Best case scenario, take the measurements of the crib’s platform and show it at the baby shop. 

  1. Apply Paint, Finish or Stain

To finish your crib off, add some nice paint or stain finish. No matter which one you opt for, be sure that it’s safe for your child.