How to Breastfeed Two Children at Once

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How to Breastfeed Two Children at Once

It is not uncommon for a woman to give birth to a child while she is still having a toddler to take care of. The age could be separated by a year or two, and it is possible and also doable.


Besides, it is completely safe and healthy, since there is no harm in sharing care. However, some adjustment and arrangement is indeed must be made to keep the balanced care for both the baby and the toddler. This balance of care should be applied not only to the care given, but also to the breast feeding process. Therefore, the lack of care for one of them as well as the lack of food given will not happen.

When you are taking care of your baby, your toddler may like to come around and to play nears you. He can even climb on to your lap or having huge curiosity about his baby sibling. It is completely normal, and you should not prevent it. Make sure that you have a proper way to balancing the care. For example, you can let your toddler playing around with drawing book or story book while you are breast feeding your baby. You can also tell your toddler about how you used to breast feeding him, as well. This will make a great intimate moment between you, your baby, as well as your toddler.

A little bit more complicated than the care is the breast feeding share. It is not uncommon that a woman is breast feeding two children at once. It is possible since women body system has such remarkable way to produce the proper amount of breast milk. However, you might want to tell your doctor beforehand so he can give you useful advice on how to control your child food as well your own food.

For you to be noticed is that your toddler can have a different source of food. He is able to have a solid meal, and he is starting to have an additional meal. Therefore, your breast milk is no longer the main source of the food. As for your new born baby, the breast milk is still the main source of food. Therefore, it is better to let him have the first breast feeding, and when he is finished you can take turn and feed your toddler. If you make such arrangement, it is better that you have a enough of diet consumption. Make sure that your body consume enough food so you will not losing your energy since you will be feeding two child at the same time.

As for the toddler who already finishes his breast feeding time, it is possible that he will have the curiosity back. He may ask if he can try it too, and it is up to you to answer it. If you are worried that he may get addicted and ask for more, do not worry since it is less likely to happen. In common cases, the toddler will just satisfy that his curiosity is full filled and would not ask for more.

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