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How to Wake a baby up

A baby who is sound asleep is probably one of the most beautiful things to see. He looks so peaceful and looks like an angel. You are got to be loved to squish and to hug him to see such […]

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Stimulating Hand-Eye coordination With Fun Activities

You have to understand that some limb bones and have been linked to growth. Ankle bones related to the knee bone, and the knee bone connected to the hip bone. In healty children, they will grow up balanced and will […]

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4-7 Months : Early Teething Baby’s Period

At this age, your child usually has started teething. First appeared is the next gig and grow alternately up and down. Her smile will grow sweet and adorable, coupled uneasiness because teething phase rather makes it less convenient. At this […]

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Problem with Baby Teeth Decay

Some babies will have problems in the initial stages of the growth of teeth. They exposed tooth decay even when their first tooth yet complete. Some people know him as nursing caries. Some others refer to it as baby bottle […]

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Baby Teeth Treatment

As a parent, you certainly intend to know when your baby will begin to have a complete tooth. Since the age of two, the child will usually begin to have a complete range of baby teeth up to set molars. […]

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Baby Teeth Care and Treatment

Teeth are one of the most important parts of human functioning. It works to bite, to eat, and to the perfection of your look. You need to make sure you have the healthy teeth so you will be able to […]

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Playing Position for Baby

Your baby may seem very fragile and weak that you might get afraid to move her around. However, you should do that every once in a while actually. Because that is the way for him to learn how to move […]

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Suitable Sleeping Environment for Baby Safety

When you have a baby, every part of your house should be ready to accept him. Therefore, some adjustment must be made to make sure that he has the safest and secure environment to live in. Because, baby is very […]

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The Best Sleeping Position for Baby

Baby’s care is indeed full of tricks and you should pay deep and careful attention to every part of it. Starting from the breast feeding, the skin to skin care, and even the sleeping behavior should be thoroughly monitored. Because, […]

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Normal Sleeping Pattern for baby

When they were first born, babies are helpless and powerless. They will need us to take care of them because he will spend most of his day to sleep. This activity is indeed one of the biggest parts of a […]

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