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On any given Saturday, you’ll find our family scrambling around to get not 1, not 2, but 3 kids ready for soccer. Finding cleats, unis, shin guards, and making sure they’ve all had breakfast, pack snack packs…not to mention getting ourselves ready. Inevitably, we’re running behind, and that means that we end up having to swing by some no good fast food restaurant to grab lunch for the kids. Not a solid way to prepare for sporting events if you ask me. That all changed one November Saturday last year…

The scrambling around like a pack of wild dogs to get ready still happened, but on this Saturday, it marked the last time our family ever had fast food again. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Max had a game at 11:30, we were all hungry, so we stopped to grab them chicken nuggets and apples from McDonald’s. He scarfed it down before his game…and, 20 minutes later got sick to his stomach and couldn’t play. Afterwards, he said, “I don’t ever want to eat at McDonald’s again.” And we haven’t.

This incident coincided with our family trying to eat better. We’ve been incorporating more veggies into our diet, cutting out processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, and eliminating artificial colors and preservatives (huge thanks to Trader Joe’s for coming to Kansas City!). We’ve been blessed with kids who get excited about reading nutrition labels on the boxes in the grocery store. They know if they can’t pronounce a word, chances are it’s probably not good for us. More real, whole foods for the whole family, and healthier kids for us to enjoy.

5 Tips to Stop Eating Fast Food

Here are a few tips for how to make it a little bit easier for your family to eat healthier…

  1. Organize, organize, organize! We use reusable snack packs to put our favorite Trader Joe’s snacks in. (Makes it easier to grab on the go.) We also always have little bags of organic baby carrots and applesauce squeezers ready to throw in a to go bag as well. The quicker and easier you make it to have healthy snacks on hand, the more your family will eat them.
  2. Make it fun! Make up fun stories about where the food came from, make a fun lunch, pick up your own Today I Ate a Rainbow kit, anything that sparks your kids imagination will do. Lia wouldn’t eat any veggies for the longest time, but we could get her to drink low sodium v8 by calling it Monster Juice.
  3. When in doubt, make a smoothie! We’re still trying to get the kids on board with green juices, but until they come around to that, they LOVE smoothies.
  4. Get educated. Read The Unhealthy Truth. Watch some good documentaries…such as Food, Inc, Super Size Me, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, or Forks Over Knives. You can never learn enough about what we put into our bodies and how it affects us.
  5. Find a local door to door organic delivering service. It’s great because you’ll get to try a whole variety of fruits and veggies that you normally can’t find in your local grocery stores. Then, look up some fun recipes to make with your kiddos. Kids love to cook! You’ll be trying new things, and so will your kids. Win-win!

Those are some of our favorite tips and tricks that have helped us stay far away from fast food. I sure know I feel more energized. And when you’re energized, you’re better capable of dealing with the stress that comes from raising a wild family.

Leave a little love in the comments section below letting us know what you do to get your family eating healthier.

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