Health care for Your Son: Treating Uncircumcised Penis

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Health care for Your Son: Treating Uncircumcised Penis

In the initial years of your son, the foreskin will separate from the head of their penis. The time for this is different from one to another. For some boys, their foreskins are separated right after the birth, and even before they were born. However, the separation in the early years like this is a rare case.


The separation can take place in a few weeks, months, or even years. The way foreskin can be pulled from the head of the penis is called foreskin retraction.

The ability to do a retraction for boys usually can be obtained once they are 5 years old. However, some boys may do this after they age 10. Boys should be able to know how to retract their foreskin. As the boy gets older, they will find a way to do this natural process. What needs to be emphasized is that the retraction process can’t be forced because it may dangerous. Before the foreskin is completely separated, warn your boy not to try to pull back the foreskin. Forcing the natural process of retraction may cause severe the pain, tears in the skin and bleeding.

As the foreskin is separated from the tip of penis, the skin of the cells is shed. These cells are white, looks like pearl lumps under the skin. These cells which looks like a pearl is called smegma. Many people wonder what these white things under the foreskin are, but you need to tell your son that this one is normal just like hairs in the body. Your son needs to know that he doesn’t need to worry about this.

When your son has the retraction before they are in puberty you need to tell them that they need to have frequent retraction with cleansing. As your son reaches puberty, he should clean beneath the foreskin as part of daily routine. Therefore, several steps need to be taught to them. You can ask them to softly pull the foreskin back from the head of the penis. Then, they can rinse underneath of the foreskin with warm water and soap. After you think the underneath is clean enough, you can pull back the foreskin in the initial place. Make sure that your son knows how this do and they need to diligently clean their vital organ to keep their health. A small and simple step will really affect their future.

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