Great Principle of the Parents to Give the Baby’s Pacifier

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Great Principle of the Parents to Give the Baby’s Pacifier

Parents need to know some important principles about the dot to avoid some bad influence due to the pacifier. Some parents still think that a pacifier is a bad habit. However, studies suggest that pacifiers can help to prevent the baby from the possibility of a deadly disease that is SIDS.


Therefore, pay attention and run the important principles in giving pacifiers for children.
Pacifier may calm a fussy baby. When baby is fussy, paste pacifier on their mouths and the baby will be quiet. Just do not use a pacifier on newborns. Use a pacifier when the baby is not hungry. Do not use pacifiers to delay infant’s hunger.

Choose your favourite baby’s pacifier. Buy some brands and do not be persuaded by advertisement. Try some pacifier to find your baby’s favorite pacifier. Do not be surprised if the baby refuses the pacifier in the beginning. It is reasonable especially for infants who are familiar with both breastfed and bottle-fed. Nipple that does not have milk-cup be unfamiliar for baby. However, with some practice, the baby will love it.

Find some alternative pacifier. Your fingers may be one suitable alternative. Cut your finger nails for your baby. Little sacrifice is necessary.There are several types of baby who does not like pacifiers. Be thankful because you do not need to wean your baby from a pacifier someday. Those all some of the principles that need to be considered in giving the baby’s pacifier.

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