Great Combination of Breastfeeding and Solid Foods

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Great Combination of Breastfeeding and Solid Foods

Adequate food becomes an obligation that must be met for a newborn. Breast milk is one of the basic needs of a baby. Besides as the supply of food, breast milk also provides lessons for babies about some little things such as love.


Mother and baby will also get a psychological bond of breastfeeding even though the baby is drinking breast milk from the bottle. By bottled breast milk, baby will still get adequate food even though the mother has been busy with his work.

In the first six months, the baby will enjoy the given maternal breast milk. In the second half semester, the breast milk will have a slightly different taste. Breast milk in the second half semester will still have the nutrients needed by the baby. However, the baby also has to feel solid foods. It is necessary for her future life. This is because the need for vitamin D and iron food for the baby’s body increased in her second half semester.

Parents with some allergies usually avoid foods that because allergies form baby. However, according to research, the baby should be introduced to these foods. Because, if the baby is not introduced to these foods, an increased risk of allergies will be higher. If the baby does not have allergies, introduce food gradually. Help babies begin to sit down and do some new things.

Baby should be introduced to solid foods gradually. Solid food will not be a substitute for breast milk but became complementary. Foods containing iron are vital. Iron can be obtained from meat, turkey, and chicken. Besides that, food also contains zinc and protein which is good for brain development.

In addition to the food, iron can also be obtained from cereals. Make sure the cereal is made of rice and do not contain some foods that can decrease the interest of the infant to breast milk such as cow’s milk, formula milk, and yogurt.

If the baby is getting familiar with the food and cereals, fruits can be begun to present to the baby gradually. Introduce one fruit in a few weeks. Let the baby enjoys it. This food will not replace the need of breast milk. Solids will not interfere with breastfeeding. Solid food would be a complement to breast milk. However, do not present too many foods to babies at a time. This will because the baby cannot enjoy the food. Give solid food in a few tablespoons a day. Solid foods can be given on the afternoon or evening when the baby is still hungry, and your breast milk is in a little supply. Some nutritionists advise to give iron supplements. However, the mother should be careful and make sure it with doing consultation with your doctor.

Interest of the infant to breast milk may be decreased frequently. The mother does not need to wean the baby. If mother wants to wean the baby, do not wean the baby directly. Provide breast milk in small amounts and regularly until the baby does not want breast milk anymore and switch to solid foods. In short, the baby should still be introduced to solids. However, present solid foods gradually.

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