Fun Food for Kids

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Fun Food for Kids

If you have an Instagram account no doubt you are often inspired by enticing pictures of food photos on your feed.  


Amongst some of my favorite foodies, I am forever inspired by the creative genius of @idafrosk, @pomverte, @redhongyi, and Maroondah Yarra Ranges Kids (on Facebook) just to name a few.  They have the cleverest ideas, and the most fun ways for kids to eat food (@redhongyi is more of an art form).  I was inspired by this fruit rainbow by Maaroondah (mentioned above).  It was an easier project I could do in relatively 10 minutes.

And since summer is here, I thought that a huge plate of fruit would be a wonderful thing to have on hand to help encourage the little one, and myself to grab something better than a cookie (although there is always a soft spot in my heart for cookies).  And looking at all these colors who would want to grab anything else?

Rainbow Fruit Plate


8 strawberries
1 orange
1 banana
3 kiwis
1 basket of blueberries
about 20 grapes


Cut all fruit and arrange in the shape of a rainbow on a plate.

NOTE:  You can use any fruit to make this medley, and the amounts don’t have to be exact. Keep it simple and improvise with whatever you have on hand.

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