Dutch Pancakes: The Whole Wheat Version

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I was born and raised in The Netherlands.  And, like many countries, the Dutch have their own version of pancakes. These Dutch whole wheat pancakes are the healthier version of the traditional Dutch pancakes. Instead of regular flour, I used organic whole wheat flour and added some flaxseed meal.

The Dutch pancake is thinner than the American version, yet slightly thicker than the French crèpe. If you have ever been to The Netherlands, you may have visited a “pancake house,” a place where a 3-5 page menu lists nothing other than different types of pancakes. Though the plain pancake is already good to start out with, it becomes fun when you get creative. Add anything you’d like: cheese, mushrooms, bacon or fresh tomatoes for the heartier versions and fruits such as bananas, apples, raisins or pineapple for the sweeter alternatives.

Popular and traditional pancakes that you will find on any pancake house menu (and in my kitchen) include:

  • Cheese (goes well with ham, pineapple, or mushrooms)
  • Bacon (goes well with apple)
  • Apple (goes well with bacon, pineapple or raisins)
  • Banana
  • Tomato & Mushrooms

Toppings I often use are powdered sugar, pure maple syrup, Agave syrup, honey, jams, cinnamon sugar (add a few dashes of cinnamon to regular fine sugar) for the sweeter versions.  You might be surprised to hear this, but strawberry jam is absolutely delicious on a cheese pancake, while maple syrup is almost mandatory on your bacon version. I always top my apple pancakes with some cinnamon sugar.

As you can see, the sky is the limit.  Experiment, play and enjoy.  Serve them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Oh, and in the case of left-overs: cover them with aluminum foil and refrigerate.  The following day just reheat them in a frying pan until they get a little crispy.  Yum!

Get the kids involved in making the batter.  Family fun starts in the kitchen.

2 cups organic whole wheat flour
2 tbsp. golden flaxseed meal
1 egg
pinch of salt
3 cups milk, plus ¼ cup extra, if needed
1 tbsp. vegetable oil, plus more for baking

Makes: 6-10 pancakes, depending on the pan size

In a large bowl, mix the flour, flaxseed meal, egg, salt, 3 cups of milk and 1 tbsp. oil together to make the batter.  It should be liquid enough to move around the pan easily.  The batter will thicken as it sits in the bowl, so use the 1/4 cup of extra milk (or more if needed) to thin it out as you proceed.

Heat a little bit of oil in a large frying pan over medium heat.  When hot, use a ladle to pour the batter in the center of the pan.  Distribute the batter around the pan by turning the pan in circles until the batter reaches the edges.  Bake the pancakes over medium heat until the bottom of the edges starts to brown, a couple of minutes.  Flip the pancake and bake on the other side until golden brown.  Keep a close eye on them as they brown very quickly.

Either immediately serve, or stack the pancakes up on a plate to create a tower (the Dutch way).  Place the plate with pancakes in the center of the table and the whole family can dig in.

  • If you want to add bacon: fry the bacon first in the pan and when almost cooked, pour the batter over it to cover.  Flip, when browned on the bottom.
  • If you want to add fruit: pour the batter in the pan and immediately add the fruit, pressing it down into the batter before the batter “sets”.  If the pancake is a bit on the thin side, pour a little batter over the fruit to cover it and prevent it from sticking to the pan once flipped.
  • If you want to add cheese: do the same as with fruit.

Obviously, you can also add the extras after the pancake comes out of the pan.

NOTE: when you’ve added “extras” and you flip the pancake, don’t move it around until the bottom is set.  Otherwise your bananas/apples/whatever will let go of the pancake and you will have something that resembles a “scrambled mess” in your pan.

Add any toppings (such as syrup, jam, sugar, etc.) and either roll up and eat, or just cut it into pieces.

For more delicious recipes like this, visit Marieke at M for Mommy.

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