Dying Easter Eggs Naturally

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I am a little bit addicted to holiday crafts, food, celebrations, decorations and all else that goes along with each and every special holiday. Some traditions I have done since I was a child and I continue to enjoy these special traditions with my own children and some we have created as a family. Either way with each celebration that comes there is excitement in the air and wonderful new memories made filled with much laughter and love.

One struggle I have as a parent is continuing certain traditions, but also sticking to my healthy natural parenting ways. The first year (as a parent) I came head to head with a paper box filled with neon colors to turn my eggs ever so pretty with the kids, I cringed at the thought of the ingredients. I knew there must be a way to continue this fun tradition that I so fondly remember as a child, but do so in an organic way. I found all sorts of recipes from boiling onion skin to pureeing spinach…yes doable, but for a single 23 year-old who probably really doesn’t care to dye eggs at all! For me, tired stay-at-home mama of a two-year old wild child and a five-year old who must be involved in each and every step of a craft….I knew there had to be a more simpler way. So, I spent an afternoon experimenting.

After trying a few different staining type foods I discovered that coffee, beets and turmeric were the easiest way to color eggs without a lot of extra work.


Brewed Coffee
Can of Beets
Hard boiled eggs
Hot water


Coffee- Add a cup of hot brewed coffee to a mug along with 1 tbs. of vinegar. Add a hard-boiled egg and let sit for 10 minutes or longer depending on the desired color.

Beets- Strain the juice from a can of beets into a mug. Heat the juice in the microwave for one minute. Add 1 tbs. of vinegar and drop your egg into the mug. Same as above, the longer you leave it the darker it gets.

Turmeric- Add 1 tbs. of turmeric and 1 cup of hot water to a mug. Mix well and drop an egg into the mug. Check on color with time. This one took the longest for us. I took the egg out after about 15 minutes.

I loved the colors we eventually got. They are so natural and organic. I think it’s what our expectations should become. It may not be neon pink, but I think I like them better and if this is what my children know, this is what they will love and be excited and happy to see. Lastly, I must say because Jen asked…..they did not taste like beet, coffee or turmeric flavored eggs! Thankfully!

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