Cool Recycled Kids Craft Idea: Button Tree

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Cool Recycled Kids Craft Idea: Button Tree

What I love about trash to treasure art projects…all you need is time. And kids love spending quality time with their parents.


I am a big fan of open-ended play and extended craft projects that become more of a lesson than a quick wham-bam-thank-you-mam kind of craft. This button tree craft featured on Kiwi Crate was perfect.

Here’s why processed-based art projects are important:

  1. Kids need to be exposed to material more than once to fully grasp the concept.
  2. It becomes a week-long conversation and adventure you get to share with your child.
  3. Process over product is important to nurturing your child’s creativity and confidence.

I’m all about quality time and meaningful conversations. When we use nature and recycled treasures to make crafts, we get to inspire the creative genius in every child AND talk about taking care of the planet we live in. Kids are naturally attracted to nature and all of it’s little gems. So the next time your child wants to collect rocks, sticks, and leaves, give their collection a purpose and make a fun craft project.

Zoe and I spent a few days just collecting our sticks and twigs before she started her button tree craft.

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