Composition of the Amount of Formula Milk’s Schedule

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Composition of the Amount of Formula Milk’s Schedule

Formula feeding is common for baby. When baby firstly feed with formula, baby will take 60 to 90 ml each time baby eat. Formula will become the complement of breastfeeding. You can start to offer formula in the first month when they are desire on breast milk start to decrease. When the reach their first month, they take 4 ounce per feeding.


On their first six months, baby can take six to eight ounce per feed. They need four to five times feeding each day. On the average, baby needs two and half ounce each day. Babies will gradually adapt their need with the demand on formula. When baby full with formula, just take it. Do not give them more formula. It only makes him overfeed, and he will feel uncomfortable.

Baby usually needs three to four ounce each feeding for their first month. The market will increase to one ounce and maximum eight ounces per feeding. The increase on the market is due to an increase on the demand. Do not give your baby more than 32 ouch formula a day. Use pacifier to disturb their attention from formula.

The best is regularly giving formula when baby needs it. When baby cry, give them formula and take it when they are full. The regular feeding is necessary and mom need to aware with the signals given by the baby when they feel hungry.

Feeding baby is unique. The best way for mom understands the baby’s need. If the baby weight runs out 12 pounds on they are 2 to 4 months age, mom needs to be aware with the obesity. Just contact your doctor if the baby’s weight beyond the healthy weight.

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