Comfortable Position for Breastfeeding

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Comfortable Position for Breastfeeding

Finding a comfortable position for breastfeeding is important for a mother. Comfortable position will make the breast milk flows, and baby can drink it well. The following are some common breastfeeding a position performed and tips for a position that is comfortable breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding position for a new mom

Mothers who have just given birth usually choose to nurse position on the bed. Mothers need the help of some pillows to get a comfortable position. The baby will be placed on pillows and mother can breastfeed babies easily. This position is good for a new mothers which had cesarean delivery. This position will not be difficult for the mother and would not risk the mother’s recover phase.

Beside breastfeeding in bed, breastfeeding mothers are also often choose to breastfeed while sitting in a chair. Make sure the arm is not too low so that the baby is easy to reach your breast. Help some cushions will be useful to find a comfortable position.

Besides some of those positions, there are some common traditional positions which can be chosen by breastfeeding mothers. The first position is the cradle hold. This position is a position where the mother put the baby’s head above the elbow. Hold the baby’s back with your hands and make sure the baby’s arms are not tucked between the mother’s arms. Align the position of the baby’s mouth and the mother’s nipple so the baby can grab mother’s nipple easily.

The second traditional position is the cross-cradle hold. This position is a variation of the previous position. Differences with the cradle hold position are the support position of the baby’s body by mom’s hand which has the opposite position with the breast used. This position will allow the baby to attach to the mother’s breast and makes it easier to hug a baby.

The third position is Clutch holding. This position is the most convenient position especially for mothers who gave birth in cesarean. This position is also good for twin babies because babies can be breastfed both on each breast. This position also makes mom easy to control the baby’s mother especially for women who have flat breast and can see their nipples. Mother can control the baby’s head and nipples easily. This position is done with the mother’s arm that supports the upper back and mom’s fingers support the baby’s neck and shoulders. This position is similar to the mother’s position when they holding bag. This position is perfectly done in a chair so mom can lean back into the seat perfectly. This position also allows mothers to breastfeed while at rest.

The next feeding position is laid down position. This position is a solution for mothers who want to breastfeed while at rest. Support mom’s back with a pillow and positioned the baby as close as possible with the baby’s mother. Make sure the baby’s mouth can reach the mother’s nipple and keep your hands properly so that the mother can control the baby’s mother easily.

From all these positions, comfort is paramount. Any position is good as long as the mother can easily control the position of the baby’s head and nipples that are not easily separated. Good position makes the supply of nutrients from the mother’s breast milk to the child flows smoothly.

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