Colostrum Explosion from the First Breastfeeding

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Colostrum Explosion from the First Breastfeeding

Many people said that the time after the birth is the best time to feed your baby with the breast milk. It is so true, because, at that time, the breast milk will fill with Colostrum, which is very good for your baby.


The Colostrum is filled with nutrition, and it is also not very thick so it will make easier for the baby to learn how to suck.

Most baby has their sucking instinct the day after they were born. Just introduce them to the nipples, and they will learn for themself how to suck the breast milk. However, some baby are born with less sucking instinct. If you find this happen to your baby, put him gently on your skin chest so that he will be able to smell the Colostrum. It will bring up his appetite and therefore he will start to develop the instinct.

It is important for you to know that when you are doing this first time of breast feeding, it is actually more important than the long term period of breast feeding. Because, the Colostrum is so high that the best food is there indeed. Furthermore, it is more of a food injection rather than feeding, because, for the first couple of days, your baby is still having not need any fluid. But, as the days goes by, the baby will loose its weight due to the lost of birth fluid loss. And that is when he start to need an actual fluid from the breast feeding.

And for more function, the breastfeeding right after the birth is also important for the mother. The expulsion of the Colostrum can trigger the uterus to stop the bleeding. It is like signaling it to stop working, since the pregnancy and the birth time is over.

With so many benefit and function of the first time of breast feeding, it is clear that this should definitely be performed. Do not waste too much time to start it so the best Colostrum will be able to transfer to your baby. And it is a great way to give your baby immunity to avoid any kind of disease and give him the best care it is.

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